Please Note:  Not all Bylaws are online but listed below are the most common ones.

Allow Beaver To Be Hunted Within the RM of Prairie Rose

Building Bylaw

Bylaw To Establish A Municipal Emergency Measures Organization

Bylaw To Establish Tax Penalties

Bylaw to Manage Vehicle Weights (Bridge Restrictions)

Bylaw To Manage Vehicle Weights On Primary Roads

Code Of Ethics Bylaw

Council Procedure Bylaw

District Plan

Schedule A – District Plan

Fire Management Bylaw

Official Community Plan Bylaw 06-202

OCP Mapping Bylaw 06-2020

Respecting the Trenching Of Water and Obstruction Of Municipal Roads And Road Allowances

RM 309 To Enter Into An Agreement To Establish A Planning District

Exhibit A Mid-Sask Planning District Agreement

To Enforce The Use Of Covers On Trucks Etc. Under The Noxious Weed Act

To Establish A Public Notice Policy

To Establish Penalties For Contravention Of Bylaws

To Regulate Object Within 150′ Of the Centre Of A Municipal Road

To Regulate The Operation Of Vehicles and the Use Of The Highways

To Provide For The Abatement Of Nuisances

Zoning Bylaw 07-2020

Zoning Mapping Bylaw 07-2020